Lehigh Seventh-day Adventist Church


Walter Thomas - A Tribute

"He was dead!" As far as his mother-in-law was concerned, Walter Thomas was dead.  His bloated body covered his hospital bed, and he felt cold to the touch.  His family, friends, and church members prayed ardently for his recovering. Thus began a grueling 10 months of a life and death battle for Walter.
His homecoming last Sabbath, marked the end of his time at Tampa University Hospital.  Dr. Newton Hoilette preached on “Miracles,” and at the end of his message, he asked the congregation, if they believed in miracles. Then, pointed them to proof that God still does perform wondrous miracles.   
With much fanfare, exuberance, and excitement, Walter Thomas was wheeled in with his wife and son by his side.  Yes! Walter Thomas himself, was alive and well enough to come into the church he loved so much, and the church that loved him too.  The congregation erupted in praise, rejoicing, and tears of joy flowed through the eyes of members and visitors alike. 
Flanked by his son and wife, Brother Thomas, recounted the story that could only be called a miracle.  From having his lungs collapse and waiting for a donor, to being in a coma for almost a month, where he saw Lehigh SDA Church’s congregation on their knees praying for him, Walter fought fiercely for his life.
What a high day in Zion! What confidence was renewed to see a child of God, who was at death’s door, coming into the sanctuary with praises and testimonies on his lips. Hallelujah! May God be praised. Yes, there is a SAVIOR who still performs miracles.  Yes, His name is Jesus.  Whatever you are going through, remember, there is nothing our God can’t do. Just ask a man named, Walter.