Lehigh Seventh-day Adventist Church


Adventist Heritage Day

At Lehigh SDA, the special guest speaker was Orville Parchment, General Field Secretary/Assistant to the President, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists .  Pastor Parchment spoke on the topic “The Passion of Our Pioneers”.  He gave a very informative history of the Pioneers of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  The worship service also included an Ordination of Elders ceremony where five elders of Lehigh SDA were ordained. These elders include Elder Troy Campbell, Elder Grace Allen, Elder Duval Ruddock, Elder Sheila Williams and Elder Mansoh. (photo below)


The afternoon AYS service included musical selections by Lehigh SDA singers, followed by another presentation by Pastor Orville Parchment.  In this presentation, Pastor Orville expanded on the AM presentation, this time focusing on the Youths.  It was very inspiring to learn that most of the pioneers of the SDA church were doing great things at a tender age.  This presentation was followed by an interview of Pastor Orville Parchment by Pastor Newton Hoilette and Sister Ilene Stout (photo below). During this interview Pastor Parchment was questioned on the various topics that will be discussed a the upcoming General Conference.


It was a very edifying, uplifting and inspiring day.  As always, it is good to worship at Lehigh SDA!