Lehigh Seventh-day Adventist Church


Lehigh SDA church continued in its tradition of bringing the best to the pulpit on a Sabbath, March 21, 2015. Dr. Kester Nedd, a renowned neurologist and innovator came to speak to us about our neurological functions and how to care for them according to God's plan. He talked about experiences in his practice with people who have had concussions and how it affected their entire lives, until his treatment options gave them hope. 
The A.Y. Program was in an informal seminar format. Dr. Nedd discussed the various advances in medicine in the neurological sector. He talked about how to prevent strokes, weight management, and focusing on reducing carb intake. Dr. Nedd talked at length about the advances in medication that can cut strokes down to 50%.
What affects our hearts affects our brains and vice versa. He discussed the importance of R.E.M sleep on the health of the brain and body. He wanted us to remember that the brain, heart, in fact our entire bodies are synonymous.
Dr. Ned answered questions from the audience on a variety of topics ranging from glucose and the brain to how a vegan diet may be detrimental to the health of seniors, if they are not getting enough protein.
We were thrilled to hear from his wife, Sister Nedd, an innovator in her own right. She spoke briefly about how she co-founded "Pure Reality," a retreat about sexual purity given at Camp Kalaqua once a year. Catering to youth aged 12 to 24, Pure Reality helps with sexual issues that plague the young in this day.
The night ended with our own elder Valerie Fortune, witnessing to the impact Pure Reality has made in her life. 
What a wonderful day spent with the Lord, and learning more about how to care for our bodies, HIS temple!