Lehigh Seventh-day Adventist Church

From Sabbath School to Ay, the youth truly represented their day well. The Kindergarten and Primary students recited their verses. Four of them, Caden Copeland, Daniel Lewis, Isaiah, and Darius Lewis repeated all 13.
For the first time, the Cornerstone group was a part of the program. Youth up to age 18, presented thoughts on what they learned throughout the quarter.
Pastor Andre Campbell, making his 9th annual appearance at Lehigh, came with his parents, wife and daughters. His message, "Mid-Course Correction," brought many congregants to the altar, ready to change their lives. He spoke about how he has allowed mediocrity to set into his life, because he was too upset with an injustice in his life almost 25 years ago.
How many of us coast through life, not living up to our potential, or striving for what God has in store for us, because we are too afraid to get through our past? Pastor Campbell admonished and encouraged each one to leave the past behind and to claim what God has in store for us. Remove the limited views and prepare to excel. It really is not too late.