Lehigh Seventh-day Adventist Church

A System for Survival
Event of: April 25th, 2015 -  May 16th, 2015
Dr. Ron Smith 

Renowned Christian Psychologist
Randy Robinson 
Personal Finance Expert
The presence of the Lord was in the house at the Lehigh Acres Seventh Day Adventist Church during the evangelistic series called, “A System for Survival in the 21st Century.”   This crusade was led by Dr. Ron Smith, Christian Psychologist and President of the Seventh Day Adventist Southern Union.  Each night Dr. Smith introduced the word of God to visitors from the community referencing scriptures from the Kings James Bible and making God’s message tangible through visual presentations.  He also taught about the Sabbath Day and how it was changed, in addition to speaking compassionately about the importance of salvation and accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  Dr. Smith’s lovely wife Yolanda Smith was by his side each night, meeting with the bible workers to ensure that the candidates received the proper bible study in preparation for baptism towards dedicating their lives to Jesus Christ.  Evangelistic singer Kimberly requested, “A Word from the Lord,” in song nightly, and serenaded those who decided to follow the Lord at the end of the program.

Randy Robinson, Personal Financial expert worked alongside Dr. Ron Smith discussing financial freedom and abundant living. He reminded us that God intended for us to live a life that is abundant in every way; noting the importance of creating a household budget, securing a savings account on a small income and emphasizing why it’s imperative for Christians to have a will.
Each night our host pastor, Dr. Newton Hoilette acknowledged the guest that completed The Real Truth Bible course and community prayer, offering them certificates and new Bibles for their accomplishments. The graduates also received a portrait of themselves with the evangelist and refreshments were prepared in their honor.

At the end of the evangelistic series, 76 souls gave their lives to the Lord in baptism or through profession of faith.  This crusade was filled with surprises, blessings, and awe-inspiring messages directly from the Lord. A special couple was baptized, married and their children were dedicated to the Lord all in a single night.

The Lehigh Seventh Day Adventist church gives special thanks to the Lord for blessing Dr. Ron Smith and his team, through the infiltration of the Holy Spirit, for their selfless devotion to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  As Dr. R. Smith diligently reminded us that, “It’s not what Ron said, it’s what he read. If it’s not in the Word, it doesn’t deserve to be heard!”

We invite you to worship with us at the Lehigh Acres Seventh Day Adventist Church.  We look forward to seeing you.