Lehigh Seventh-day Adventist Church

It is Finished—It is Well
“All that I’ve done before, won’t matter anymore. I’ve just seen Jesus, and I’ll never be the same again.”
  • Sandi Patti
This past weekend marked a very insightful and emotional period for the attendees at Lehigh SDA Church. Good Friday, ended with a dramatization of Christ being accused, mistreated, wounded for our transgressions, and dying a despicably agonizing death. In the form of a musical, Jesus final moments were depicted. His mother cried for him, and sang for her child, as he committed John as his replacement. Jesus was nailed to a cross of course wood—truly a cruel cross. When He exclaimed, “It is finished!” Thunder roared so loudly, and lightning flashed so brightly, I thought it would rain inside the walls of the church.
The second day, while Jesus rested in the tomb, Dr. Newton Holiette, the church’s resident pastor, delivered a message about life in the tomb. He stressed the importance for us to remember that while Jesus rested, new life was found. Hearts were converted, even while He was dead. His life and death signaled new life for us. The tomb became a womb, where life began anew.

In the evening, the Sanctuary choir sang a cantata, unlike any I’ve every heard. They sang lustily “It is finished, the battle is over!” Hallelujah and praises to God were heard in song and shouts. All while Jesus lingered in the tomb, music soothed the souls of those who came out.
On Sunday, at sunrise, 6:45 AM, many came to see their Savior, not crucified, but risen again. What a joyous occasion to see our Jesus coming out of that forlorn tomb. Afterwards, a delicious breakfast was enjoyed by the attendees as well as bounce houses for the kids.

Thus ended a weekend of heartache, despair, and ultimate joy at Lehigh SDA. Not only was the story of the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior celebrated; but we saw evidence that because of His sacrifice, our redemption draweth nigh.