Lehigh Seventh-day Adventist Church

Cervical & Breast Cancer
At 8:00 AM, on Sunday morning, May 24, 2015, our women assembled again to hear about two of the most prevalent cancers facing us today. There has been an increase in both breast and cervical cancers in recent years, and a representative from the Department of health came to empower us on how to prevent and fight these deadly illnesses.

Ms. Marie Brown, a family support worker, spoke about the causes of the cancers and what to do to prevent them. Along with the nurses in the audience, she informed the women on proper screening for both cancers. She told them about the importance of mammograms as well as pap smears.

In her brief, but powerful presentation, Marie also talked about the services her office provides. They offer free screening mammograms and pap-smears for those 50 - 64. They will work with those who are not in that age bracket that are at risk. 

Afterwards, the traditional sumptous breakfast was served. This includes dumplings, salt fish and a variety of breakfast foods.  As usual, the women were blessed, and God's name was glorified.