Lehigh Seventh-day Adventist Church


Father's Day at Lehigh SDA

The Father’s day celebration at Lehigh SDA was a very special experience.  Sabbath School lesson review included a panel discussion.  This panel was made up of members of the Early Teen class chaired by Sister Ava Barrett.  These teens really engaged the congregation in a positive discussion of the week's lesson.  Lesson study was closed off with a song from our eleven year old visitor Aneecia Barrett.

Divine worship was like no other.  We had three young speakers who delivered individual sermons.  The youngest of these speakers was second grader David Mears, who delivered a very eloquent sermon on the qualities of his earthly father.  David was followed by eleven year old Kayla Thompson who spoke about her uncle who portrayed the qualities of a father to her.  The finale was done by young adult Valerie Fortune, giving a riveting sermon on "God the Ultimate Father".  Mother and daughter duet Sis. Gracieuse & Arlina Louis gave us the hymn of meditation and the congregation was wowed by a song selection from our special guest duet the Francis sisters; eight year old Amaiya and nine year old Arielle.

Father's Day lunch was quite unconventional.  Once again the Women's Ministry showed their ability to “think outside the box”.  Led by Sister Sonia Reid, they organized a “guess who is coming to dinner” affair.   Members and visitors had invitations to lunch hosted at the homes of various church members. The exciting mystery to this was that invitees were unaware of who their host is until they arrived at the home of the host and were treated to special lunch in celebration of fathers. 

The grand finale of this special day was a dinner concert Saturday evening.  The program was chaired by Sister Nadine Gordon who engaged the audience with fun and games suitable for the Father’s Day occasion.  Special guest duet Amaiya and Arielle again wowed the audience with their rendition of “Wind beneath My Wings”, “The Battle Is Not Yours” and few other selections that charmed the audience.  The program included prizes, comedy and surprises.  One such surprise was when a group of children decided to form a singing group, teaming up with the guest duet and gave us a very entertaining rendition of “Take Me to the King”.   The food served was delightful.  The atmosphere was pleasant.  Overall this was a nice end to a wonderful day.

Thanks to Sister Reid and her Team for another truly awesome event at Lehigh SDA church!