Lehigh Seventh-day Adventist Church

Last Sabbath November 14, 2015, Lehigh SDA celebrated Children's Day.  Under the tutelage of Sis. Sheila Williams, the children gave their best performances. Children as young as toddler age all the way to teens participated in a joyous spirit filled day. 

The full day’s events from Sabbath School to the evening music festival was led by the children of the church.  The divine worship service included praise and worship children’s led team, puppet show, children’s choir and much more. Guest speaker of the hour was Pastor Gervon Marsh who totally engaged both the children and adults alike.  Pastor Marsh explained that God has a plan for our lives and we need to follow the rules to be successful.  He demonstrated his point with the riveting story of the life of Samson.

The music festival at the AY period was quite a finale to the day’s event.  The children showed off their talents ranging from piano, violin, drums, cello, singing, poems and signing.  There were the usual Lehigh young talents as well as lots of new upcoming talents were showcased.

 Another blessed day at Lehigh SDA church, the place to be for all ages.