Lehigh Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Open Heart Surgery Part IOpen Heart Surgery Part IDr. Newton Hoilette, Sep 17, 2016
Going Yet Not KnowingGoing Yet Not KnowingDr. Newton Hoilette, Jun 28, 2014
Seeking a Ministry---Passion and AdrenalineSeeking a Ministry---Passion and AdrenalineDr. Newton Hoilette, Aug 2, 2014
Seeking a MinistrySeeking a MinistryDr. Newton Hoilette, Sep 27, 2014
Seeking a Ministry ---by Whose Authority?Seeking a Ministry ---by Whose Authority?Dr. Newton Hoilette, Aug 16, 2014
The Surrendered VowThe Surrendered VowDr. Newton Hoilette
Surviving The TimesSurviving The TimesDr. Newton Hoilette
The Dream Lives OnThe Dream Lives OnDr. Newton Hoilette
The blessings of SurrenderThe blessings of SurrenderDr. newton Hoilette
Prophet & ProstituteProphet & ProstituteDr. Newton Hoilette
The Surrendered VisionThe Surrendered VisionDr. Newton Hoilette
The fainting of FaithThe fainting of FaithDr. Newton Hoilette
Dissed and DissmissedDissed and DissmissedDr. Newton Hoilette
Renewal, Revival, ReformationRenewal, Revival, ReformationDr. Newton Hoilette
Shame & Scandal in The FamilyShame & Scandal in The FamilyDr. Newton Hoilette
The Axialogy of ChristianityThe Axialogy of ChristianityDr. Newton Hoilette
Sustained RepentanceSustained RepentanceDr. Newton Hoilette
Limitless PossibilitiesLimitless PossibilitiesDr. Newton Hoilette

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Experiencing His Presence Through DifficultiesExperiencing His Presence Through DifficultiesElder Wilton Blake, Sep 17, 2016
WhatWhat's in your backpack?Elder Paul Mears, Jul 26, 2014
Holy Spirit on a Mission Part 3Holy Spirit on a Mission Part 3Dr. Dexter Thomas, Sep 13, 2014
The RockThe RockElder Troy Campbell, Aug 9, 2014
Conversion-Transformation ..The continuumConversion-Transformation ..The continuumElder Paul Mears, Apr 11, 2017
"What Lack I Yet""What Lack I Yet"Elder Paul Mears
The Prophet and The AssembleyThe Prophet and The AssembleyPastor Liburd
Micah, Part IIMicah, Part IIElder. Phil Manes
Spirit Filled ChristiansSpirit Filled ChristiansPastor G. Ralph Thompson
"Let nobody put you down""Let nobody put you down"Dr. Alanzo Smith
The Shocking StoryThe Shocking StoryDr. Alanzo Smith