Lehigh Acres SDA Church

Open Hearts, Open Arms, Open Hands

AYC Ministries

Under the direction of, and serving as an arm of the AYS, the Adventist Youth Coalition (AYC) is designed for outreach ministry into the local community and overseas.  It is led by older young people who have a passion for, or are willing to develop a passion for ministry.  It is particularly intended that older youth get involved in "cutting edge" ministry, developing creative ways of witnessing to Millennials.  It is designed to attract are youth attending college away from home to worship at LSDAC.

The AYC is designed to serve the needs of troubled youth, and Disadvantaged juveniles in our local society by providing messages of lifestyle changes utilizing attractive teaching tools.  AYC forms coalitions with other entities for ministry in order to participate in mission trips addressing the needs of our global society.  AYC provides opportunity for the visitation ministry to the sick, shut in and elderly, as well as respond to catastrophic/emergent crisis situations.